Pure Steam Generators

Non-Condensable-Gases (NCG) Reduction.


Technical Description

Operating principle

Stilmas has developed two alternative solutions, in case the compliance with international rules (EN2853, HTM2010) is required for the NCG.

The first one foresees the installation of an external degassing tank, in which preheated feed water is sprayed for NCG removal.
The second solution is based on a Stilmas’ patented system – Gasbuster®. In this case, pre-heated feed water is fed directly to the PSG-DTS evaporator, where a special device is installed granting the contacting between the preheated water and a small stream of pure steam: the stream of pure steam degasses the water by stripping out the NCG. With both solutions, Stilmas PSG-DTS is able to grant a much lower NCG content than the one required by international rules.

Application fields

  • pharmaceutical
  • biotechnological
  • vet
  • cosmetic
  • food industries
  • industrial


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