Purified Water Plants

The feed water characteristics and pre-treatment are fundamental for the use of the membranes and the EDI modules.


Technical Description

Pretreatment is necessary to:

  • remove particles that could damage the membranes;
  • reduce the possibility of scale precipitation;
  • eliminate free chlorine.

Stilmas is able to furnish the pre-treatment suitable for every requirement. For sizing of plant, it is necessary to obtain and analyze the complete raw water analysis.

Technical Description

Stilmas can supply:

  • potabilization plant;
  • oxidation processes for the elimination of heavy metals;
  • sand and multimedia filters;
  • activated carbon filters, simple or steam sterilizable;
  • zeolyte filters: organic scavengers;
  • softeners;
  • chemical dosing system;
  • microfiltration systems;
  • UV lamp.

Particular care is given to the design of pretreatment systems, in order to grant the lowest risk of bacteriological uncontrolled growth.

Application fields

  • pharmaceutical
  • biotechnological
  • vet
  • cosmetic
  • food industries
  • industrial


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