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We are leaders in delivering
robust, stand-alone Clean Utilities technologies
and first-class integrated projects 
to the life science and biotech industry.


At Stilmas, we have the necessary experience and expertise to design, engineer, manufacture, assemble and install either single pieces of equipment or complete systems.

Our unique product range encompasses all technologies and applications. Because our dedicated R&D team actively participates in international committees, Stilmas is up to date with the latest developments concerning international regulations and standards in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.

Experience of


Design and installation of

single units worldwide

Delivery of

turn-key water systems


At Stilmas and Masco Group, we drive our clients' 360-degree progress through a dynamic combination of engineering, design, consulting, manufacturing and service.



We enable growth by closely looking at the whole manufacturing cycle, joining forces to find ways to simplify processes, minimizing overall enviromental  impact and provide smart integrated solutions based on our experience and innovative capabilities.



At Stilmas, our continuous journey towards sustainability has been going on for decades, and we always have been committed to playing our part. By choosing us as your water solutions provider, you are partnering with a company that values environmental responsibility and actively works towards a greener future.




We believe that by setting smart goals, we can explore new opportunities in life sciences, find fresh talent, and discover new technologies within the industry.


We believe in taking a practical approach, finding engineering solutions that are realistic and logical.


We believe the generation of custom solutions and services always starts by understanding our clients’ internal needs.


We believe in the fundamental value of sincerity and truth in all that we do within the industry.