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WFI generation

Water for Injection (WFI) can be defined as high-purity water without significant contamination. It is the main excipient used in the production of parenteral drugs and other Life Science applications.

It can be produced using several technologies including Distillation using Multiple Effect (ME), Vapor Compression (VC), and Membrane filtration.

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WFI Generation

PW generation

Purified Water (PW) is obtained through various purification steps involving physical and chemical processes including filtration, ion-exchange (IEX), reverse osmosis (RO) and others. It is then used as an excipient in the production of non-parenteral preparations and other pharmaceutical applications.

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PW Generation

PS generation

Pure Steam (PS) is steam that, when condensed, meets the same requirements as Water For Injection (WFI). It is a clean utility primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry for sterilising product-contact components and humidifying cleanrooms and isolator air supplies.

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PS Generation

Storage, Distribution, Turnkey Systems

We design Storage and Distribution systems to provide water to POU at the required location, flow, temperature and pressure while minimizing microbial growth and maximizing efficiency. Stilmas is the perfect partner to provide the all-in-one solution, from design to installation of complete clean utilities turnkey systems.

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Storage and Distribution


Pretreatment is the first step in many purification processes; it is composed by a variable number of operation units, and prepares the water for the final purification step. It removes biologicals, particles, colloidals, organics, minerals and oxidant fouling from water and it is essential for the performance and durability of the purification equipment.

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In most cases, the obsolescence of an equipment is related to instrumental and electronic parts and components, like control systems. Stilmas Service department is able to provide the full overhauling of existing systems, including a relevant change control.

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HPW Generation

High Purity Water is essential to various industries and scientific applications. This specialized form of water is meticulously purified to remove impurities, minerals, and contaminants.

The production of High Purity Water involves a multi-step purification process, typically including deionization, reverse osmosis, and other advanced filtration techniques that effectively eliminate ions, particles, and organic compounds, achieving a level of purity far surpassing that of regular tap water or even distilled water.

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HPW generation