The 4400L is a compact High Purity Water system designed to produce pure water and deliver it to a storage and distribution system that can then pump it to various points of use. Engineered and built in North America to be compliant with USP, ASTM, NCCLS regulations.




With exacting standards, a wide range of flow rates, and numerous optional components, the 4400L High Purity Water system aims to bring standardisation to the notoriously unpredictable life sciences water market. This price-competitive system, designed for low flow rates, offers various optional components to meet the needs of almost any high purity water application requiring low flow rates.

Capable of producing up to 10 US gpm (30 lpm) of pure water at 41°F (5°C), the 4400L system feeds a storage and delivery system with the capacity to pump up to 80 US gpm (303 lpm) of high-quality water to various points of use. The colour touch HMI view, coupled with an industrial PLC, provides a robust control system for operator ease of use.

Simplifying complexity

 2.5 to 10 GPM generation

The Science of Possibility
FAST INSTALLATION AND START-UP Minimizes site and electrical installation times, facilitating a quicker start-up
The Science of Possibility
EDI can be incorporated into the generation skid
The Science of Possibility
Single Skid Design

Application fields

  • Commercial Applications                 
  • Process Ingredient Water
  • Central Laboratory
  • Rinse Water
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Cosmetic Applications
  • Humidification Systems






Designed to produce up to 10 US GPM of pure water to a storage delivery system that can pump up to 80 US GPM  of high quality water to various point of use. 

Technical description


  • 1.0 micron graded density pre-filter
  • Automatic inlet/reject flush solenoids
  • Multi-stage 304SS centrifugal pump
  • 316 SS divert & flow control valves
  • Low pressure & high temperature switch
  • Feed/product conductivity
  • Transmitters Product & reject flow rotameters
  • Clean-in-place ports
  • DI Cylinders or EDI polishing



  • Cone bottom tank with spray ball
  • Digital tank level controller
  • Multi-stage 316 SS centrifugal pump
  • 0.2 micron vent & final filter
  • 316 SS pressure gauges
  • Loop return conductivity transmitter
  • Sample & isolation valves