Biopure H2P

This direct feed double pass Reverse Osmosis system is designed specially to meet stringent standard water requirements. The BioPure H2P double pass system ensures the highest water quality to maximize uptime water supply with optimal control. 




The BioPure H2P double pass system automatic heat disinfection process allows for greater bacteria control while reducing the need for chemical usage. This leads to less down-time and a safer work environment, leading to greater peace of mind. 

Designed for easy installation 

All you need is municipal feed water, a drain and power. Saving Utility and installation costs. 

The Science of Possibility
Automatic Hot Water disinfection program, along with Semi-Automatic Chemical Cleaning and Disinfection programs
The Science of Possibility
Four (4) independent modes of disinfection: 1st Pass RO, 2nd Pass RO, Distribution and Point of Use
The Science of Possibility
Built-in electric heater and low noise air compressor (40 dB) to minimize utility requirements

Application fields

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Veterinary