The EDI system is a comprehensive water treatment solution featuring chemical-free electrodeionisation and cost-effectiveness across all flow rates. With no need for regeneration chemicals and no hazardous waste stream, the system's operation is simple, continuous, and reduces facility requirements. Engineered and manufactured in North America, it fully complies with local regulations.




Each EDI system includes: EDI module(s), EDI power supply, high water recovery (optional), choice of piping materials, monitoring instrumentation, and manual & automated valves. The EDI system also includes a main control panel (NEMA 4/12), which includes a PLC and OIT terminal to operate both the EDI system and components such as pre and post treatment that will interface with the system.

Compact, high-efficiency design

Flow rates range from 2.5 usgpm to 160 usgpm

The Science of Possibility
The Science of Possibility
Sanitary Plastic or 316L SS construction
The Science of Possibility
The system is completely pre-wired and pre-piped, and fully tested on one compact skid for fast, economical installation.

Application fields

  • Pharmaceutical Preparations                  
  • Humidification  
  • Biological Engineering
  • Rinsing of Electronic Components  
  • Central Laboratory Water
  • Glassware Rinsing
  • Power Industry
  • Preparation of Process Chemicals




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The EDI systems have several different modules to choose from.


Flow rate options range from 2.5 us gpm to 160 usgpm 
Sanitary Plastic or 316L SS Construction