Other Pretreatment systems

Stilmas is able to supply a wide range of water pretreatment systems in order to transform every kind of feed water in water that's suitable for the pharmaceutical process stages.


Other Pretreatment Overview


Our pretreatment systems are designed using the most advanced processes like filtration, ion exchange, adsorption, catalysis and chemical conditioning. All the systems are built in full sanitary execution and fully sanitizable. Furthermore, all systems are controlled by advanced and IIoT-ready automation systems.

Modular and scalable pretreatment for every kind of water

Stilmas' pretreatment systems are able to generate from 0,5 to 100 m3/h of pretreated water starting from a wide range of different water sources. The self-modulating function allows the user to satisfy a wide range of consumption pattern.

The Science of Possibility
Potabilization These pretreatment systems are also suitable for potabilization, starting from well water or surface water.
The Science of Possibility
Sanitary execution The systems are designed and assembled following sanitary rules in term of materials, finishing and layout (e.g. reducing stagnation areas).
The Science of Possibility
User Defined - Hot Water Sanitizations Automatic independent or combination scheduling of hot water or chemical sanitizations.

Application fields

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Veterinary 



Technical Description


Starting from the water analysis STILMAS can supply a complete system to prepare the feed water for the pharma water stage; different chemical / physical process and different bioburden control strategies are available in a full automated system

Processes Available

Physical separation

  • Multimedia Filters
  • Microfiltration
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • Ultrafiltration


  • Organic Scavengers
  • Deironing (e.g. Greensand)
  • Ion Exchange
  • Carbon Filters
  • UV lamp
  • Chemical conditioning