Since 1912, we have been consistently enhancing our knowledge and technical expertise in clean media treatment to achieve the highest engineering standards. Our unwavering commitment to compliance with worldwide pharmacopeias enables us to offer complete Turnkey systems, tailored to your specific needs.



Turnkey Overview



We are a one-stop-shop all-round supplier, offering comprehensive solutions for all processes on Life Science production sites. Our services encompass:

  • Basic and detailed engineering for pure water systems, including preparation systems
  • Construction and testing capabilities for purified water, water for injection, and pure steam generation equipment
  • Construction and procurement of storage and distribution loop components and piping
  • Preparation areas, featuring preparation reactors, mixing, sterile filtration, and product distribution
  • On-site equipment installation, loop components, and piping
  • Start up and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing)
  • Full execution of Design, Installation & Operation Qualification, alongside Performance Qualification support
Developing Complete and Complex Projects


The Science of Possibility
Ensuring complete engineering excellence for every project with detailed 3D layout drawings for each system
The Science of Possibility
From manufacturing generation, storage, and distribution equipment to developing automation systems and comprehensive documentation.
The Science of Possibility
From commissioning and installation to start-up, training, validation, and after-sales assistance.