8 December 2022

Sustainability assessments available on request

Masco Group joins forces with Belgian engineering firm XILS BV

In an average aseptic facility, around 42% of the energy is consumed by Clean Utilities.

For decades Stilmas has been on the path of sustainability, creating solutions to maximize the efficiency of systems and most of all saving resources. Through our Masco Group R&D program, we are now able to analyze entire facilities, examining how it operates along the Energy, Water, Waste and GHG axis: in this way we can identify and calculate opportunities in the direction of resources saving and CO2 footprint reduction. ​

Through a multidisciplinar team, a holistic overview and our long-standing expertise, we are able to provide you a data-driven sustainability assessment, complete with suggestions for implementation, estimated ROI and more.

sustainability assessment
energy consumed by Clean Utilities only in an aseptic facility
UN sustainability goals for 2030

Our sustainability assessment is an incomparable tool to make pharmaceutical and biotech production facilities the most efficient they can be, and moreover putting into practice your environmental responsibility. It's a win win, for both the customer and the planet where we all live.

Paolo Leani, Stilmas Technical Director

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