A proactive approach in a full range of services

The goal of Stilmas Service department is to ensure a smooth and safe operation of water production system, always and in every condition.

Stilmas After Sales Service is not simply limited to the management of any possible technical request made by the Customer but, in a proactive approach, is based on specialized personnel skills and structure organization in order to provide a full range of services.


After Sales

From Training To Remote Service: The Additional Services By Stilmas


Trained operators have a key role for a constant and smooth operation. Stilmas is ready to provide dedicated training sessions in addition to the standard one during start up activities, both on the Customer’s side or in Stilmas’ premises. Training sessions can be organized even for Customers’ supervisors as well as validation technicians.


In most cases, the obsolescence of an equipment is related to instrumental and electronic parts and components, like control systems. Stilmas Service dpt. is able to provide the full overhauling of existing systems, including a relevant change control.

Remote Service

By providing water production equipment with proper features, it is possible to implement a remote monitoring system, so that our Service can overview the status of the production system “in real time” and better identify the solution of possible situations.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance can range from a simple telephonic support to a direct and fast intervention on site. In order to grant the most efficient reactivity, Stilmas has established a number of regional and local after sales services, to better fit any customers’ needs.

Our activities also include the fine tuning of the plant, so to reach the highest performances.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the best way to grant the continuous operation of water systems. Stilmas developed a complete program of preventive maintenance activities for its systems, which can be customized according to specific situations. During a Preventive Maintenance visit, a check-list is executed and, where needed, chemical cleanings, components replacements and finally a reliability analysis of the system are performed.


Stilmas can offer a wide range of services related to validation through its organization, specialized in functional areas.


Stilmas cGMP Compliance & Validation area organizes and develops validation activities with the “Validation Life-Cycle Approach”, which sees Validation as a traceable and documented evidence for all the activities developed during Life-cycle systems, from the user requirements definition up to the validation maintenance during the routine operation of the system.

Stilmas can organize and implement the following activities:

  • Training program of personnel on validation and GMPs related topics.
  • Validation master plan preparation.
  • User requirements specification preparation (URS).
  • Functional & design specification preparation (FDS).
  • Design qualification (EDR: Enhanced Design Review).
  • Validation protocols preparation, “Site” tests execution & validation reports preparation for:
      • Installation Qualification (IQ);
      • Operational Qualification (OQ);
      • Performance Qualification (PQ);
      • Process Validation (PV).
  • Planning & Execution of instruments calibration at final user site.
  • Computerized control system validation as per GAMP and 21cfr part.11 requirements.

Spare parts

Your KIT Is Ready

Spare parts management is a critical activity due to its direct impact on the life and continuity of the operation of a water production system.


Stilmas Spare Parts department is strongly linked to the After Sales Service, so to grant the best synergy between the two departments. It also provides full solutions to possible critical situations on site, in the final interest of the Customer.


Stilmas Spare Parts department can provide:

Recommended spare parts

Based on its experience with thousands of plants operating worldwide, Stilmas can offer and supply a minimum package of critical spares which should be kept at the Customer’s site. These spare parts may be used both during periodical preventive maintenance, and in case of failure of a specific component.

Emergency spares

Stilmas has developed an internal stock of critical spare parts. The selection of spares parts kept in stock by Stilmas is based on a statistical study performed to identify the most common criticalities.


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