About Stilmas

The Water Technologies

Stilmas is an industrial and engineering Company specialized in research, design, development and construction of high technology systems for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industries.

The scope of our business encompasses design, production, assembly and installations of equipment and instruments up to successful qualification. 
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The range and variety of production includes generation equipment, as well as complete storage and distribution systems for Purified water, Water for Injection and Pure steam obtained by multiple technologies: chemical, thermal and mechanical.

A dedicated R&D department and its active participation in international committees, allows Stilmas to be up to date with the latest developments regarding the international regulations and standards in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industry.

By doing so, we are able to offer our clients the most advanced solutions.

We have a long history, though our focus is on the future.

Our strategic drivers

Committed to growth

Efficient and effective every day

Becoming passionate people

Innovation: dare to be different

Customer: deliver the promise

Giving The Best Pharma Water Treatment to Everyone, Everywhere, at Any Time

In the fast expanding world of pharmaceutical water needs, Stilmas wants to bring to its Customers: high performance, a better lead time and more reliability, all throughout the service life of its installations.
While being leader in production of ultra-pure water systems is already a reality for the company, Stilmas is adding intelligence and communication to its machines and systems and creating new opportunities of conforming different situations to international regulations.


Identity values:

  • Respect of its clients
  • Obsession for performance
  • Risk-based approach
  • Personnel development
  • Team spirit
  • Pride in product quality
Leader Providing Fully Integrated Solutions and Services

The mission of Stilmas is to design and manufacture pharmaceutical grade systems able to produce, no matter what, feed water purified and distilled water at their highest quality standards in favor of everybody’s health.
The ambition of the company is to improve its own placement as an essential reference on the market and being a leader provider of fully integrated solutions and services, based on:

  • A unique combination of close partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • An exceptionally comprehensive range of equipment and systems
  • In-depth expertise in its customers' applications
Stilmas has more than 100 years of experience, over 10.000 installed units and 1000 complete turn-key pharmaceutical water systems supplied and validated worldwide. These factors make Stilmas a leader in purifying water solutions.