The BioPure LSX USP system for production of USP-compliant Purified Water for pharmaceutical applications combines all the necessary components required to expertly deliver and maintain validated USP PW pharmaceutical-grade water. This system offers significant up-front and operating cost savings for the end user.



The BioPure LSX USP System is designed to minimise energy consumption, offering an automated heat sanitisation process for superior bacterial control. This approach reduces the need for chemicals, providing increased peace of mind and minimising downtime. Additionally, the BIOPURE LSX USP System is 21-CFR-11 ready and includes Ethernet connections for remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

High-efficiency Membrane Based PW system

The system is able to generate from 2.5 to 100 GPM of USP PW, with self-modulating valves allowing the user to dial in required flowrates.

The Science of Possibility
SEAMLESS SANITARY DESIGN 316 L stainless steel (SS) design; engineered to the strictest water standards.
The Science of Possibility
RESOURCE CONSERVATION MODE High water recovery when in recirculation mode with up to 95% water recovery.
The Science of Possibility
USER DEFINED HOT WATER SANITISATIONS Automatic independent or combination scheduling of hot water sanitisations.

Application fields

  • Pharmaceutical                  
  • Cosmetic
  • Biotech
  • Food and beverage
  • Veterinary
  • Industrial


Technical description


The LSX system accepts pre-treated potable water, pumps it through reverse osmosis membranes, and enhances conductivity with electrodeionisation. The purified water can be then sent to an optional Ultraviolet steriliser and final filter before storage, or recycled to the system break tank. This ensures high-quality water for purified applications.

Smart Control and Monitoring
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with Ethernet connectivity for remote monitoring and troubleshooting via Industrial VPN router 
  • Panelview Plus 15” HMI with Full Colour Graphics Display, including Process Flow Diagrams
  • External USB ports for data logging and printer connection
  • External RJ45 ports for Ethernet connectivity.
  • Differential pressure monitoring across pre-filter, RO membranes and final filter
  • PLC Calculated RO recovery and reject
  • Programmable schedule for heat sanitisation
  • 21-CFR-11 Ready
Reduced Operating Costs
  • Self-modulating system adapts to process feed quality and demand to minimise water consumption while maintaining final quality.
  • Each system size features a product flow range. System flows are customised to the end user’s requirements by dialing in the required product flow rate to ensure water and energy consumptions are optimised.
  • The system features a sophisticated high recovery mode based on feed quality and temperature. During low demand when the water recirculates, the feed quality improves, automatically reducing the drain flows via self-modulating valves.
  • To further improve energy and water efficiencies, during low demand each system automatically drops its flow production to the lowest flow in the system range.